Day 6 – A Berry Chill Day

Today I had a shorter, but unbelievably beautiful drive. First, however, I had to log in for a meeting. My remote office for this meeting just happened to be the lavender field I had just slept in.

Before the meeting I decided I wanted to try to catch some pictures of the bumblebees in the lavender. Purely out of luck I was able to capture the image above. I shared it with the farm owners and they asked if they could share it to their Facebook page! As the sun continued to rise I moved from the center of field over to the side so I could enjoy the shade as my meeting progressed.

There was a lake nearby, but time was not going to allow me to explore putting the paddle board in the water. Instead I needed to set my sights traveling through Washington and into Oregon. My destination was a berry farm near Mt. Hood.

When I arrived I was greeted by the owner’s daughter and directed toward the back side of their shop. My camping space for the evening would be between the cows and the blueberries. I had a couple of neighbors who made for positively delightful conversation, and I got a whole lot of ideas about how to pull off working life on the road.

Typically when you stay with Harvest Hosts part of the arrangement is that you partake of your host’s business. At this farm, however, we were told to go out and pick whatever we wanted. I later learned from the owner it was part of her Hawaiian heritage to share the bounty of their harvest, and the beauty of their location. She did not want us to purchase anything, rather she only wanted us to share in her good fortune.

I picked some berries for breakfast the next day, and as the sun went down, turned in for a good night’s sleep.


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