Days 10, 11, and 12 – Mother-Son Adventures

We started our morning leaving Camano Island by stopping for breakfast sandwiches at the little community business area. From there our next destination was to be a goat farm.

When we arrived at the goat farm it was kind of hot, and it was definitely a hard-working farm. We walked around a little bit, but Thadeus was not enthralled. We went back to the van and I pulled out a set of playing cards I had purchased for just such an occasion. Each card had a question, and we took turns drawing cards and answering the questions. It was a really great way to catch up on a lot of things that had happened in our lives since Thadeus left for the Navy. We also had the opportunity to try several goat cheeses and caramels that were made there at the farm.

The next day we explored, the seacoast, took in a self-guided tour of the Tillamook factory, and then proceeded on to an alpaca farm. In retrospect I wish I had taken Thad to a winery or lavender farm, but he had been so outspoken about not liking either wine or lavender that I steered clear of them with him. I think he would have enjoyed them more than the animal farms, although the was pretty happy to be around the animals at the second farm. Had I started making plans back in early spring instead of only 6 weeks in advance, I could have secured more campground style camping. As it was, I got the last spot at Camano Island.

After spending the night at the alpaca farm, I spent some time at Thad’s apartment doing laundry and taking advantage of a strong internet connection to get caught up on some school work. A few hours later it was time for him to go to bed to reacclimate for night shift, so I set out on the road to continue my adventures.

This was actually the “hump day” of my trip. I had 11 days behind me, and 11 days in front of me. This was also the day I rolled 4,000 miles since leaving Southern Indiana. Since I had a week and a half to wander my way back home, I decided to head back into Washington, and check out another lavender farm on the western side of the state.

This farm had a wonderful setup. I was able to park alongside the field, enjoy having wi-fi, and listen to some super chill music while walking the field wrapped in a blanket. It seems strange to speak of wrapping up in a blanket in July, but it was in the mid-50’s! I had just picked up a cool blanket Thad’s wife had made for me, so it was perfect timing to put my beautiful new blanket to use!

7/12 – 14/2021

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