Day 13 – Headed East-ish Again

I wanted to put some miles on this day so that I could take advantage of some of the beautiful sights in Montana over the next few days. I logged just under 500 miles, and came to rest at a blueberry farm in Idaho. In that time I went from temps in the low 50’s to mid-90’s!

The owner, Stan, is quite the character. I parked my van between rows of raspberry bushes, and spent some time talking to some of the other folks who were staying there. I met a couple from Arizona who had lots of great advice on how to navigate the next couple of days as I wander my way home.

This was another Harvest Hosts site, but they did not have an expectation that you purchase anything. Nonetheless, I was looking forward to some U-pick blueberries and other goodies from their little store. Picking blueberries, and shopping in the store are on the honor system. you literally just write down what you take and put the money in the box!

As I laid my head down for the night, I was not certain what the next day would be. I was contemplating going to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, or Flathead Lake. I guess you’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out where I went!


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